About us

About us

Working together to solve your business challenges

Executive Consulting Group, llc is a full service technology firm offering the complete range of technology consulting services, from strategy and design to implementation and ongoing management.

We’re more than just consultants. We solve problems with creative technology solutions across the entire enterprise. We understand the big picture of how your systems, applications, and people all need to work together. 

Our Approach

A Project Based Approach

Having structure around project management and knowing how to use the techniques to finish your projects in time comes with innumerable benefits.

In general, there are four main project phases that occur during the project management process:

  1. Scoping. During the scoping phase, we assemble the project team and identify the project scope. 

  2. Planning. During the planning phase, we outline the requirements and define what “project success” will look like. We’ll create the project plan, identify key milestones, and align on project costs and timeline.

  3. Executing. The bulk of the project will be the executing phase—this is the time when the team will be working towards the project deliverables. 

  4. Reporting. Reporting happens during and after the executing phase. It helps us correct, collaborate, and increase cross-functional visibility into our work.

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